About Patti Murphy Life Coach, Georgetown ON

Change is a Good Thing

My journey to becoming a certified life coach started many years ago with a desire to find ways to help people create meaningful change in their lives. As a lawyer I believed that I could help people change their situations by being their voice and advocating for them. After practicing for a few years I realized the court system only served to disempower individuals, increase animosity between them and further damage relationships. 

So, I left the courtroom for the mediation room. Mediation is a series of conversations that support self determination. Participants are empowered to speak for themselves and take the other’s view into account along with their own as the foundation for solutions created together. As a mediator, I help people in the courts, in their communities, schools, businesses and families to own and change their relationship with conflict, create their own solutions and move forward with their lives with the skills to resolve future issues in a new way.

I love being able to help my communities in this way, but I wanted to go deeper in my work. What if I could enhance my skills further to help individuals achieve desired change through one to one empowering conversations. Life coaching offered me the opportunity to do so .. and much more. Following a more holistic approach that combines coaching skills with deep awareness of mind, body and spirit I help my clients change their perception of their situation, tap into their own creativity and inner resources and navigate the path forward to joyful, fulfilling lives. 

My journey and desire to help people create change in their lives continues and with the skills I’ve developed as a lawyer, mediator and coach, I'm making it happen … one conversation at a time. PattiMurphy.Coach is based in Georgetown, Ontario, Canada and serves communities in the GTA.

Training and Education:

Certified Mediator in separation and divorce, community, civil and small claims court and special education matters; Restorative Justice Facilitator; Mentor and Coach; School Mediation Program Coordinator and Skills Workshop Trainer with the New York Peace Institute
Certified Mediator with the Institute for Mediation and Conflict Resolution
Certified Professional Coach with Leadership That Works, ACTP/ICF
LLB and Certificate in Family Mediation with Osgoode Hall Law School
Admitted to the Bar of Barristers and Solicitors of Ontario, Canada
Admitted to the Roll of Solicitors in the Supreme Court of England and Wales


New York Peace Institute
Academy Of Professional Family Mediators
Ontario Association for Family Mediation
Alternative Dispute Resolution Institute of Ontario and Canada
Family Dispute Resolution Institute of Ontario
Mediate - Canada
Essential Conversations Project
Law Society of Upper Canada
Solicitors Regulation Authority – UK and Wales
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