Coaching with Patti Murphy, Philosophy and Process

My Philosophy

When people become stuck in life, it doesn’t mean they are somehow defective, broken and need fixing. We are all wonderfully whole, creative and resourceful beings … perfect in all our imperfections. Stuckness occurs when there is an awareness that “something has to change” but what that change looks like is uncertain. When we attempt to take a step forward and out of our current situation the mind tries to guide us based on past experiences which may not have achieved the success we desired. Deepak Chopra said “the known is a memory and to live in the known is to live in the prison of the past. Stepping into the unknown frees us from the past and opens us to new possibilities”. Within each of us lies the answers that will guide us forward. Sometimes, we just need a little support to help us adjust our perception of our situation and look within for the answers that will create the path ahead to the life we yearn to live.

My Process

Change can be scary. Especially if you are unsure how to get started, where to focus your attention or are unclear about the nature of the change desired. Often times, we look outward for answers – more money, a promotion or career change. Many coaching models provide action plans that are designed to focus only on these external goals. Often any resulting change is temporary and the need for change still unresolved, unfulfilled. You feel stuck. Why?

Lasting, sustainable change begins within. It’s rooted in deep self awareness that creates fresh orientation, new direction and generates forward movement towards the fulfillment of goals and life purpose. My coaching process combines awareness of body, mind and spirit with solid coaching skills that together, empower my clients to become more of who they are. Throughout my conversations with my clients, I listen for what is beneath the surface and at the core of their being. I ask empowering questions that help them identify their emotions, fully understand their true needs, values and desires and begin to view their situation differently. What is possible from this grounded, centered place of deep awareness? 
  • Connection with inner wisdom and resources
  • Freedom from limiting thought, belief and behavioural patterns
  • Alignment of inner and outer worlds
  • Pure potential, unbounded creativity, infinite possibilities
Change your perception and your situation. Know who you are, what you truly want and create the life you were destined to live.

Our Partnership and the Journey 

Coaching sessions are empowering conversations that evoke self-reflection, clarity, insight and action. Together we explore new possibilities and identify resources to create an exciting future based on expanded awareness, life purpose and action. The journey is as unique as each of my clients and sessions can be ongoing appointments or scheduled on an as-desired basis. Ready to create change? Let's talk!

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